Tuesday, December 16, 2008

OBDotNet Enumerator Workaround

As some of you may have noticed, in the initial release of OBDotNet the enumerator types are not mapped correctly. The proxy classes are generated but the parameter typemaps have a problem and no operators are overloaded. As a temporary fix, this gist contains some extension methods for enumerating atoms and bonds.

I threw this together kind of quickly and only did a little testing, so please email me if you see any bugs.

To demonstrate using these enumerators, here is a simple C# version of Noel's python script that calculated a circular fingerprint using the OBMolAtomBFSIter

Addendum: If your application is targeting v2.0 of the framework this MSDN article contains instructions on how to add support for extension methods. The relevant section is about 90% of the way down under the heading:

Extension Methods in .NET Framework 2.0 Apps


baoilleach said...

Could you take the same approach as I did with Python to create wrapper for the various Iterators?

mesprague said...

I plan to. This is just a quick fix for people who want enumerators right now. That and I've gone extension method crazy since C# 3.5 came out.